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WMHS Class Reunion

Wagon Mound School

  • Location:  No reunion scheduled to date
  • Fee:
  • Day:
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  • Did you know...

    The Wagon Mound Schools website has an alumni page!

    Your name, e-mail address and graduation year can be posted on this page
    to receive notification of upcoming Wagon Mound events as well as having
    an opportunity to reunite with your old friends and classmates.

    Wagon Mound School

    Are you planning a reunion for your class to be held sometime during this upcoming Bean Day Celebration?  If you would like it posted here, send an e-mail to the webmaster.

  • Is your class picture here?  If not, you can scan the pages from your high school yearbook and e-mail them to the webmaster so it can be included.
  • Pictures are below, just click on the class year.
  • Do you know classmates who have passed?  Notify the webmaster with their name (maiden if applicable) and class year so they can be added to the list below.

    ♦♦♦♦ Remembering Those Who Have Passed ♦♦♦♦
    WMPS Teachers and Staff
    Mrs. Jean Brock Mrs. Harold Burnsworth Mrs. Audilia DeTevis Mr. Hooven Mrs. Hooven
    Mrs. Viola Isbell Mrs. Eloisa Montoya Mrs. Amelia Montoya Romero Mr. Zack Montoya Mr. Alfred E. Romero
    Mrs. Angie Sandoval Mrs. Thompson Mrs. Nancy Tillotson Wiggins Mrs. Lenore Valdez
    WMPS Students
    Anita "Tiny" Patino Wiggins '38 Betty Jo Johnson '51 Floripa Baca '55 Pauline "Pola" Baca '55 Rumaldo Chavez '55
    Elsie Duran Lovato '55 Carlos Gallegos '55 Jim Hern '55 Louisa Gonzales Link '55 Nancy Ann Keegan '55
    Esequiel Kingsley '55 Tito Pacheco '55 Luis Lucero '55 Stella Maestas Armijo '55 Lawrence Martinez '55
    Celina Mondragon '55 Beda Pacheco Lovato '55 Lonnie Reeves '55 Rita Romero '55 Balbina "Tina" Rubin '55
    Erminio Sanchez '55 Alfred Sandoval '55 Nerio Sandoval '55 Amelia Montoya Romero '59 Betty Wiggins Garrett '59
    Laurie Keith '61 Charlie Martinez '61 Frank Medina '61 Walter Wiggins '61 Robert Wiggins '63
    Zeke Martinez Juanita Martinez Chavez '67 Victor Fernandez '68 Barney Martinez Manuel Sandoval '71
    Enos Fernandez '72 Eddie LeFebre '76 Marie Gonzales Fernandez '77 Toby Martinez William Casias '85
    Dawn Torres '86 Lloyd Vigil '86 Charmain Martinez '87 David Quintana '87 Robert Vigil '87
    Dennis Chavez '88 Esther Lopez Romero '91 Vanessa Trevino '94 Cari Lewis '95 Javier Rivas '95
    Todd Christmas '96 Phil Armijo '97 Matthew Romero

    ♦♦♦♦ Class Pictures ♦♦♦♦

    Class of 1946 Class of 1955 Class of 1960 Class of 1961
    Class of 1980 Class of 1973 Class of 1981 Class of 1982
    Class of 1983 Class of 1984 Class of 1985 Class of 1986
    Class of 1987 Class of 1988 Class of 1989 Class of 1990
    Class of 1991 Class of 1992 Class of 1993